Why Get Organised?

Why Get Organised?

Get Organised
 Are you like most people today? Do you feel that you have too little time and too much to do? Therefore, as a result, you often end up not getting the things done that are needed to be done. Even the little things grow into a mountain of work that you feel you can never climb.

The author of this article, for ease I'll call him John, states that he  used to be very unorganised.  On all of his report cards that he received as a kid, the teacher always made that cute little comment “needs to get organised.”  He says that he had a desk that was a mess at school and a room that was a mess at home.  One day, the teacher dumped out everything from his desk on to the floor in front of the class and told him to pick everything up.  He tells us that he can still feel the sting of that humiliation. Who wouldn't?

His mother,however, was not so cruel.  She would clean his room so that the Board of Health didn’t come in and condemn their house :).  John tells us that both of these people tried to help him get organised, but neither one of them really helped him at all.  The teacher used drastic and humiliating tactics that didn’t work but just made him upset, and his mother did the work for him instead of making him do it himself.  It wasn’t until he was an adult that he realized how to get organised, why it was so important and how to teach his own children how they could stay organised as well. 

Purpose of This Article 

The purpose of this article and the following articles is not to tell you how to clean your home or desk so that everything is where you can find it, but  how to organise your life so that it is easy to manage and you do not feel overwhelmed.  Although John eventually realised that it was much easier to have his important papers at a place that he could find them and the value of having a home that didn’t
Get Organised
look like a pigsty, his mind was unorganised throughout much of his life.  His kids were forever joining activities and he was forever driving them around to different events after school while trying to maintain a job as well as his home.  He says that he often felt like a hamster on a wheel.  It wasn’t until much later when he learned not only how to organise his home and work place, but also his mind.

These articles will teach you how to organise every aspect of your life - from your home, your work and even your life.  They will also teach you some valuable tips and teaching secrets that you can pass on to your children so that they can learn the value of  being organised as well.  You will learn valuable lessons on organisation that you can use to keep your life in order and avoid feeling overwhelmed all of the time as well as read some anecdotes that perhaps you can relate to. 

The articles will also show you how you can stay organised even when things occur that throw you off your routine.  We are not robots, we’re humans.  And as everyone knows, we have things that come up that are unpredictable that can throw us off our kilter.  You want to be organised, but you do not want to be so rigid in that you cannot handle a break in the routine without, as the kids nowadays say “tweeking out.” 

Live a Healthier Life in Both Mind and Body

Organisation is essential for you to live a healthier life in both mind and body.  When you feel as though you are well organised, you also feel as though you have more control in your every day life.  It makes those around you more comfortable and also lends to harmony in the family.  Why get a little organisation in your life?  The answer is simple - to retain your sanity, make you more efficient and to also give some sort of structure to your life and those around you. 

No matter how unorganised you are, you can become the epitome of organisation by taking the tips from these articles.  The first step is to realise that you did not get overwhelmed at once, it took months, years or even a lifetime for you to get to the state you are in now.  However, even if your house is a total wreck, your kids are sapping all of your energy, your dog is constantly having accidents in the house and your work life is a mess because you keep skipping from one project to another, you can get it all back on track.  It is important to know the first step in the process is to take it one small step at a time.

Get Organised
Trying to get organised can be daunting if you look at the entire picture.  Therefore, you have to remember the old adage that John's father always used when it comes to getting organised:  “How do you eat an elephant?
 One bite at a time.” 

So sit back and enjoy reading the following articles.  Remember that you have to take your organisation skills “one bite at a time” and start with small goals that will eventually lead up to the big goal, which is having organisation in your life, work and home. John says, "Trust me, if I can do this, so can you."

Get Organised Like a Staar

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