Cleaning Out Your Closets

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Cleaning Out Your Closets
I've already talked a bit about cleaning out your closets. The two bag method. This is a good way to get rid of things that can be donated and those things that need to be tossed out. The same rules apply when you are getting rid of things in other closets, like utility closets or coat closets.

Organise Like a Staar

The best way to clean out your closets for organisation is to make sure that you are using all of the space in your closet. If you have a basement, you can put up shelves and use containers for storage. If you have a small home, however, you may not have a lot of closet space and have to trim down what you decide to keep.

There are closet organisers that can help you keep your closets not only more organised, but also give you more use of the space. When you look at the inside of an empty closet, you see that there is a lot more space than a traditional closet allots for. The shelves at the top, for example, are often used to toss up different items like sweaters and shirts. The poles hang clothes. Closet organisers can make more use of this space by installing shelves and even baskets in your closets so that they look neater.  However you still have to clean out these spaces on a periodic basis otherwise you will find that the closet is filled with clutter, no matter how you hide it in drawers and baskets.

Cleaning out a traditional closet should take you two hours, tops. The easiest way to do this is to toss everything out of the closet and put it on the bed. Make sure that the closet is completely empty. Then start going through the items that you want and those that you no longer use. If you have clothes that you have not worn for two years, guess what? You’re probably not going to wear them again. The exception would be evening clothes that are still in style, still fit you and you might be able to wear again if you are invited to a wedding or a fancy occasion. Sentimental items should also be kept as always.

Organise Like a Staar

Get rid of shoes that you no longer wear, have holes in them or are missing a mate. Once you are finished with your clothes and have sorted out what you want and what you want to get rid of, use the two bag method to separate the good from the trash and then dispose of them accordingly.

You can do the same thing with any closet in your home. Once you have cleared out the mess, you can then put the items that you are keeping back in your closet.

There are containers that you can use to store seasonal items if you live in a four season climate. Unfortunately, many of us do not have extra room to store these containers, so have to make do by separating the current season with the out of season clothes so that they are easier to find. If so inclined there are some storage items that you may store under your bed. The important thing when you are cleaning out closets is to get rid of the stuff that you are no longer using and do not plan to use again.

The same goes for the utility closet. Go through it once in a while and get rid of things that you no longer need.

Again, it has been found that the easiest way to get rid of clutter and junk in the closets is to empty them and then put everything back into them, discarding things that you no longer want or will use. It makes it easier to find things that you really do need when you need them.

In addition to cleaning out closets, also go through your drawers. It is important to go through your drawers and get rid of those things that you no longer want or need.

Cleaning out your closets twice a year takes four hours a year for each closet, although some of them can be done in less amount of time. The coat closet, for example, is easy to clean out because it just consists of coats just go through the coats and donate them once a year to charity if you feel so inclined.

OrganiseLike a Staar

The pantry is another closet you want to organize. This ought to be done more regularly say once a month and make sure that everything is neat and all the empty boxes get tossed into the recycling bin.

Organising your house is more than just getting rid of the things that can be seen by the person visiting, but also the things that are hidden away in closets that are jammed with items that you haven’t worn in years or things you no longer need or can use. The hidden parts of the home must also be organise in order for you to have a truly organised home. By doing this, you make more room for when you acquire new things and you also feel better when you need to open your closets or drawers as everything is much more neatly displayed. It gives you a more relaxed feeling, not to mention much more space and a greater ability to find items that you may want to wear or use with much greater ease.

Organise Like a Staar

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